Just In: People aren't Pets!

Learn what motivates people, instead of animals.  Also, how to remember people's names, and make the most of your data.

  • Legal Cannabis is an emerging frontier for entrepreneurs and the horizons seem limitless.  In this wide-open business landscape, success equals specialization and it's good to know that there are many niches to fill beyond growing the venerable weed.  Remember, be a jackrabbit or a coyote but don't try to be both.  In addition, beware of the great predators in the sky. Big business will be coming and you need to be ready for it. 

  • If you are an entrepreneur or a manager, whether you like it or not, data analytics is something you need to grasp. If you are intimated by terms like randomized controlled experiment, independent and dependent variables, A/B test, regression analysis, or statistical significance, this article is likely to increase your comfort and understanding. You'll see how easy it is to begin to turn these concepts into action to create better business insight. It's also a great refresher for those who took related experimental design and statistics courses in college or grad school.  Experimenting and analyzing really can be fun!  

  • What's more embarrassing than not remembering someone's name when you run into them at an event or a party?  Especially when they remember yours?  Ready to learn the S.U.A.V.E. technique?  It's a simple system for remembering names and other important information.

  • If you're a woman in the venture capital industry, chances are you've been one of the few or the only in a room dominated by men.  If you are a woman in any workforce or group dominated by men, you've probably experienced this as well.  We all are more aware of sexual harassment these days.  However, short of overt sexual harassment, there are subtle and pervasive challenges related to male culture and gender stereotyping that women experience. Examples include men talking over or interrupting women and assuming that when a woman asks a question it indicates a lack of understanding rather than a need for a specific piece of information.  Even team social events can be difficult for women if they are structured around stereotypical male interests.  The good news is that as a workplace and industry becomes more diverse, these experiences are diminishing. As women and men recognize and acknowledge these realities, they may diminish even faster.

  • Almost everyone who has experience with dogs and their owners knows that food is a very powerful reward for good doggie behavior.  Here's a surprise. People are not like dogs.  If you are manager or a parent, it's important to consider the latest research findings.  "When we are rewarded for doing something, we tend to lose interest in whatever we had to do to get the reward."  Increasingly, social psychology research indicates that external rewards for desired behavior in humans has the opposite effect of diminishing that behavior.   "Working with people to help them do a job better, learn more effectively, or acquire good values takes time, thought, effort and courage. Doing things to people, such as offering them a reward, is relatively undemanding for the rewarder, which may help to explain why carrots and sticks remain stubbornly popular despite decades of research demonstrating their failure."