Custom Relationships for Custom Software


Custom Relationships

We work the way you work

You are as unique as your business and have your own work style. We will work with you in the way that works best for you.  Do you want to be closely involved in the design and testing of your software?  We’ll work that way.  Do you prefer a more hands-off approach?  We can work that way too.  We will learn how to work most effectively with you, resulting in a long-lasting and successful partnership and providing the greatest return on your information system investment.

Multi-Phase Approach

Agile-inspired development

To build the right solution, we work with you through these three phases:

Analysis & Design  |  Through interviews and design reviews, we turn your goals into solutions that meet your budget.

Implementation  |  Using an iterative approach, we build portions of the solution, present them to you, incorporate your feedback, and adjust the solution as we go.

Ongoing Support  |  Your business keeps evolving and so should your system.  Over time, we analyze, design, and implement changes, big and small,  according to your needs. 

Dedicated Developers

You work with the same people all the time

An RIS development team will be assigned to your company to work closely with you and your staff.  The RIS team will build a relationship with your team by learning about your business, how your systems support it, and how you prefer to work.  Each time you need a change made, you will work with the same people who understand you, your business, and your systems allowing us to build better and better solutions for your changing needs.

Data First Design

Your database design should model your business

We take a data-first approach to designing systems, ensuring you are able to capture and use critical data about your business for years to come.  We start by designing your database as a model of your business so that it can capture anything you can do in your business.  This comprehensive data model serves as the foundation of a flexible system that will serve your needs for years to come.  It allows you to implement your current processes and provides the flexibility for them to evolve over time.


If You Want To...

> Capture and use critical data about your business for years to come

> Turn your goals into solutions that meet your budget

> Work with people who understand you, your business, and your systems

> Work the way that’s best for you

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