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Learn how to craft exciting announcements, get your side hustle off the ground, and beat your inner procrastinator.

Create Announcements Your Customers Will Read

What's important to your customers and what will get them to pay attention? It's your product and what it can do for them. Yet many product announcements or press releases lead off with the author's excitement. Customers really don't care about that. This article from has some basic tips that will help you craft announcements that will get your customers excited and engaged. 

Getting Started Is the Hardest Part 

If you've ever been on a bicycle, you know that getting started is the hardest part.  Once you push down on the pedal and then get a few circles behind you, you build speed and momentum and it's way easier to keep going than to stop. It's the same thing with getting started on an important task. Getting started is the hardest part.  This article proposes an easy trick for getting started - the 5 minute rule. Find out more about it.

How To Start A Business While You're Employed

Many people dream about starting their own business to supplement their employment income, pursue an outside passion, and/or to eventually become their own boss.  Knowing where to start, building your skill set, staying motivated, and having time to focus will make your dream into reality.  Want to find out how to overcome barriers that could get in your way?  Read this article from the Harvard Business Review. 

E-Mail: Using It Well Is More Complicated Than You Might Think

When my Mom first entered the work world 40 years ago, she tells me that there were still secretaries who typed letters that staff wrote by hand on legal pads with review by supervisors.  Writing a letter involved etiquette, content, and grammar.  Getting it out was a relatively slow process. Today we write e-mails and it's fast.  However, the same considerations and more apply to writing e-mail, because it's so fast and easy and often sent without anyone else's review.  Without enough attention, the results can be embarrassing, if not disastrous for relationships and business.  Here are 20 tips to hone your e-mail skills.

Doesn't Everyone Know That You Need to Be Careful With Social Media?

Based on this article, the answer is clearly no.  This cautionary tale demonstrates why the public nature of social media must be remembered by everyone. Don't write anything that could backfire if the wrong person read it. Remember the rules for e-mail from the article above when using social media.

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