Iterative and Incremental Improvement


Retrospective Process

We use the agile-inspired retrospective process to guide short, continuous, and iterative improvement cycles.  Each cycle asks what is going well, what could be better, and what could change.  At the start of each new cycle, the changes identified are implemented and results reviewed at the end of the cycle. Below is a short overview of the process and more detail about the process can be found here.


What's Going Well?

Find your strengths

Which processes work?  Where do you find your best customers?  Why do your customers choose you over your competition?  By finding these and other strengths, we help you use the positives in your business to improve the entire business.

What Could Be Better?

Find your areas for growth

Where does your team struggle?  What do you wish worked differently?  What keeps you up at night?  We help you find your key areas for improvement.

What Could Change?

Find your opportunities for change

What would you do differently?  What would you do more of?  What would you stop doing?  We help you identify small changes that can be acted on and tested quickly to improve your business now and over time.

Did the Change Work?

Test the impact of your changes

What happened because of your change?  Were there improvements?  Should this change continue?  We help you test the impact of the changes you make, informing the next cycle as we build layers of improvement into your business.


If You Want To...

> Develop highly efficient processes

> Build a team that constantly strives to be better

> Gain visibility into the impact of change in your business

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