Hello World - Custom Software Developers Supporting Business

Welcome to our first post on our brand new blog!  We've been building and maintaining custom business software for 25 years. Our experience covers business software solutions for small to medium-sized businesses from a broad range of industries. Through our blog, we'll share our stories and give you tips that will contribute to your business's success. Our posts will focus on typical business challenges, how software can help solve those challenges, and how companies can effectively use and integrate software into their business processes. To get started, we're focusing on simple but powerful continuous improvement practices that are used extensively in the agile software development world. Later, we will be writing about a variety of topics like techniques for assessing software needs and generating requirements, strategies for automating manual tasks, how to get the most out of your system's data, building and maintaining software systems, tips and tricks for maintaining legacy systems, and how to run successful software projects.

As software developers with a passion for business, we look forward to sharing our knowledge with you.  We welcome any questions you might have or any suggestions for topics that you'd like to see covered.  Just contact us using the form below!