Haematologic Technologies, Inc. a manufacturer of plasma proteins for medical researchers, relies on a custom developed inventory system to keep track of their comprehensive inventory of products.  HTI initially contacted RIS in 2001 to support and enhance an existing MS Access system built by another developer who was no longer available.  In 2007, we redeveloped their system in state of the art technology, using our data first approach, which provided the flexibility to manage their growing catalog of products.  This approach worked so well that HTI operated for the next 10 years without any significant changes, until 2017 when we worked with them again to improve their ISO compliance.


How we did it

HTI had an initial list of 18 items ranging from simple to complex.  We met with them to prioritize and categorize the list and they selected the top issues to address in the first release.  We also proposed and implemented an improved deployment process so that future changes could be rolled out to all of their users quickly and easily.

As we were implementing the changes, we learned that HTI needed additional tracking and audit capabilities throughout the system to improve traceability throughout their manufacturing process. Based on this, we worked with HTI to re-prioritize, moving this to the top of the list.  By adjusting the priorities as we learn about new needs from HTI, we ensure that we are always working with them to make the most valuable changes first.


What it meant for them

HTI has benefited from the stability of a long term relationship with RIS. They have been able to rely on us as a partner that knows their system and their business.  Our flexible, customer focused development process ensures that they are making the most of their investment by implementing the most important changes first.  Our data first approach to the design of their system has provided them with an adaptable and long lasting system, which continues to evolve years after its initial development.  We continue to work closely with HTI to enhance and evolve their inventory system to support their growing business.


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