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Our History


RIS was founded in 1994 by database developer Carl Lorentson.  Carl had been a software developer in the financial and healthcare industries since 1979 and had been the chief architect and developer for National Cancer Institute’s Physicians’ Data Query system.  He knew the power of rigorous relational database design and saw that businesses could be more successful if they could automate their existing paper systems and spreadsheets using well-designed database systems.  Newly available desktop database tools made this power accessible to nearly all organizations.

"Would you chop down a tree with a hammer? Then why are you using a spreadsheet to run your corporate database?" — Carl Lorentson, in an early advertisement

Early Years

In our early years, most of RIS’s work was creating new database systems for businesses that had never had one before.  Carl and his developers used RIS’s unique data first approach, capturing business requirements and creating systems that modeled a business’s operations, instead of just performing a single task.  By doing so, RIS was able to create systems that continued to meet clients’ needs as their business evolved.

A local optician was using index cards to track orders and customer prescriptions.  Their customer and order tracking system allows them to fill orders for prescription glasses more quickly and more accurately.

Present Day and Beyond

In 2013 Alex Meyer, MBA, joined RIS as Vice President to guide businesses in improving their operational efficiency and decision making. The technology landscape has evolved and information system needs are more complex than ever. Cloud-based applications have become ever more capable, allowing companies to find multiple applications ready to accomplish their goals. However, businesses still require an integrated view of their entire operation to support effective operational efficiency and decision making. Today, we help businesses reach their next level of success through the alignment of process, software, and data!

One client's system, built over 20 years ago, is still used. The technology has changed, but the core business-specific structure remains.


What Our Clients Say

Coffee Analysts has used Renaissance Information Systems with great success for many years.  We have a complicated information capture and reporting system for our analytical laboratory that has been well maintained, improved, and upgraded by the team at Renaissance.  We test coffee and tea products and have many clients with specific data capture and reporting requirements.  They have contributed to our success is many ways over the years.  We are pleased to be working with them.
— Coffee Analysts
RIS staff is knowledgeable, flexible, and autonomous. I simply tell RIS what I need, and after some questions, they hit the ground running.
— Haematologic Technologies
Our custom built ERP system is wide ranging and complex. It touches nearly every part of our business. RIS adeptly learned the system, worked with the original developer to improve its performance, and continues to adapt it to our ever changing needs. They are an indispensable partner for our continued growth and success.
— New England Precision