Finding the Recipe for your Business Success!

My brother got married this past weekend!  I tell you this because it makes it seem more reasonable that I made 15 quarts of bolognese sauce (photo below) to assemble into lasagnas over the past week (so many visiting relatives to feed!).  So, you might say I have cooking on the brain.  The truth is, business success shares much in common with cooking.  There are many ingredients and numerous ways to combine them. Some have something unique that you hadn't considered before or that really resonates with you.  As a business person, you need to find the recipe that works best for you, the one that suits your tastes. This week, I have five articles for you to read about the ingredients of business success.  I expect that you will see common themes among all of the articles yet find that each article brings a different and unique perspective.  No single recipe is the right one, it all depends on your goals!

7 Ingredients for Small Business Success Online 

If you are an entrepreneur and are scaling up your business, chances are you are focusing a good amount of marketing energy on content marketing.  Content marketing entrepreneur Suhaib Mohammed has identified seven "mindsets, traits, and abilities necessary for success online.  Read about why passion, an attitude of service, obsession for the customer and for quality, compelling content, innovation, and consistency all factor into the recipe for success.

Business success with 10 ingredients

Debbie Bixler, who specializes in direct sales marketing training says that a system is the key to success in business. She lists ten ingredients that lead to success. Among her most important: Smile like a tiger - Smiling creates power for you and for everyone around you. Like the way this sounds?  She has 9 more!

Trust is the One Ingredient That Rules Them All

Want to know more about the most important ingredient in business success? Ric Edelman of Edelman Financial Services will tell you 4 ways to acquire and maintain trust. Trust comes in four flavors.  Learn what they are and how to blend them in this insightful article.

Brain salad - The Knowledge You Need to Succeed

According to Siimon Reynolds, you don't have to be smarter than everyone else to succeed in business.  What you need is three types of knowledge.  Do you have specialized industry knowledge?  Do you know how to build a business? Do you know how to get things done?  How good is your brain salad? Read the article to decide how it rates.

Richard's 11 Ingredients for Business Success

Richard Rea is a CPA from Ohio who founded a firm in 1938 which now employs more than 250 people and has multiple offices.  Sounds like he found the right recipe for success.  Work hard, be dedicated, be humble are the first three.  Read about Richard's 11 ingredients and see how you can make your own sauce for success.

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