The 90/90 Rule, or Why Everything Takes So Long

Also, how to spend your new funding, get more sleep, talk with your hands, and find a new job!

Just Got Start-Up Seed Money?

Cause to celebrate? According to this author, "You've just sold a piece of your business. You shouldn't celebrate this any more than you celebrate your mortgage or the balance on your business credit card."  Read this article to find out what you should do to make the most of your opportunity.

Sleep Well, Work Well

Very few people can run a marathon every day and do it well every time. A good marathon run is the culmination of intentional schedule of work and rest. Leaders are like marathon runners. Sleep is an essential part of the equation for a good leadership run. "When leaders trade away sleep in order to work more, they become more abusive toward subordinates, have less effective working relationships with their employees, are less able to inspire others, and see engagement rates drop on the teams they manage."   In addition, whether you are a leader or not, sleep deprivation leads to impulsiveness, disrupts decision making, and undermines creativity and innovation. If you are in the habit of giving up sleep to get more work done or work in a corporate culture that encourages you to do this, read this article to find out why and how you can work less, sleep more, and be more productive. 

Use Your Hands to Get People to Listen

When young children are learning to communicate, teachers will remind them that to best be heard, they need to "use their words". As an adult, if you want people to listen, you also need to use your words. In addition, here are seven hand gestures (all polite) that add power to your words and get people to listen. Using the right ones at the right time is key.  Learn what they are and when to use them in this article from

Can You Do a Job You've Never Done Before?

I have an acquaintance who is in the middle of a job change after 23 years in the same position. With a wealth of experience to offer, she's considering jobs that may seem far afield. To be successful, she needs make the case to herself and then to potential employers that she is the right match. In this article you'll learn how to make that case for yourself through self-assessment and feedback from those who know you well.  These same principles apply to entrepreneurs.  When starting a new business you will likely have new roles and new responsibilities that you've never had before.  Make sure you know which are a fit for you and which you will need help with!

Why Does Everything Take So Long?

Have you ever started a project optimistically thinking, "this will be fast and easy", only to find that it was far from it?  You're in good company. Estimating the time needed to complete a complex project takes both art and science. According to this author, there's a difference between when we want something to happen, when it should happen, and when it actually will happen. Read this article for some basic tips about how to turn optimism into realism and set better expectations for project completion.

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