Starting a company?  Set yourself up for success!



Turn your idea into a business

Understand your customers, market, value proposition, and revenue model.

Using the lean business canvas, we'll guide you through creating your initial business plan. 



Test your business in the market place

Engage with your customers, test your business plan, and adjust.

We'll help you adopt the lean startup methodology to refine your business model and prepare for scale up



Formalize your offering and go to market

Present your minimum viable product to the world! 

We will help you prepare to present your business to the world by connecting you with the resources you need to find investors and develop top-notch marketing, sales, and operations.


How We Work

Frequent in-person sessions: Nothing beats meeting face to face with your consultant to build momentum toward your goals.  We work directly with you at your location or via video conference, getting to know you and your team closely.

Between session support: Between sessions we do research, integration, and analysis keeping the momentum going and are available over email and phone to continue the conversations.

Flat-fee consulting rates: Predictable fees allow all of us to focus on your priorities, rather than watching the clock.

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How WE Do It 

Who We Are