Scaling up?  Integrate process, technology, and data for long-term growth!



Fine tune your business processes through continuous improvement

Learn to work better, faster, and more efficiently using the retrospective process.  We'll teach you how!

We'll also help you gather the data you need to evaluate and manage your growth!



Find the technology that’s right for you

Enable everyone on your team to be more productive, communicate better, work from a single source of information.

We'll help you find, implement, and integrate all the software you need to keep your business running.  Whether you need CRM, inventory management, finance, or something else entirely, the right software will power your growth!



Use data, make better decisions

Your data tells a story about your business, we'll make sure you can read it!

We gather data and create easy-to-understand visuals and reports that tell your business's story. You'll learn: what drives your profitability and growth; whether your marketing, sales, and internal improvement efforts are working; and how the market is changing around you!


How We Work

Frequent in-person sessions: Nothing beats meeting face to face with your consultant to build momentum toward your goals.  We work directly with you at your location or via video conference, getting to know you and your team closely.

Between session support: Between sessions we do research, integration, and analysis keeping the momentum going and are available over email and phone to continue the conversations.

Flat-fee consulting rates: Predictable fees allow all of us to focus on your priorities, rather than watching the clock.

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How WE Do It 

Who We Are